Quick GDPR Information & Highlights

How Polarbackup Can Help Achieve GDPR Compliance

Fast Facts & Highlights on GDPR

Third-Party GDPR Compliance with Amazon AWS

Security of Personal Data

At AWS, security is the highest priority. AWS consistently invests in high-security standards, earning certifications like ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, PCI DSS Level 1, and EU-specific certifications such as BSI’s C5. These certifications help ensure Polarbackup’s compliance with GDPR.

Compliance-enabling Services

AWS services empower Polarbackup to implement security measures such as encryption, ensuring data confidentiality, integrity, and resilience, and restoring data access during incidents.

Compliant DPA

AWS offers a GDPR-compliant Data Processing Addendum (DPA) to meet GDPR contractual obligations.

Conformity with a Code of Conduct

AWS adheres to the CISPE Code of Conduct, providing assurance for data control in a secure environment. Learn more at aws.amazon.com/compliance/cispe.

Additional AWS Tools:

  • Amazon GuardDuty: Intelligent threat detection and continuous monitoring.
  • Amazon Macie: Machine learning tool for discovering and securing personal data.
  • Amazon Inspector: Automated security assessment service.
  • AWS Config Rules: Monitoring service for cloud resource compliance with security rules.