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How Can Polarbackup Help You Complete Your GDPR Compliance Journey?

As customer privacy rights are enforced through General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), companies handling personal information of EU residents must adhere to new rules and requirements. Polarbackup can help meet several company requirements to comply with GDPR.



Identify and classify your personal data. Locate where such data resides on your network to implement proper data governance and proactive measures.

Management & Data Governance

User Management:

Polarbackup offers straightforward file access control to ensure sensitive documents are only accessed by authorized personnel.

Selective Data Destruction:

Wipe outdated data from unauthorized locations to comply with mandates and data subject requests.

Administrator Management:

Assign multiple admins with different levels of authority, defining Data Controller & Data Protection Officer roles accordingly.

File Retention Policies:

Set data destruction policies for data no longer needed on servers.

Sharing Management:

Classify data root folders as highly sensitive and enforce an approval process for sharing data.



As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Polarbackup uses top-tier security measures, including 256-AES encryption, to meet and surpass security compliance and data regulations.

Sharing of Data:

Share files securely within or outside your organization, with options for protected links, expiry dates, password protection, and download notifications.

Multi-Factor Authentication:

Strengthen login security with multi-factor authentication, requiring both password and mobile device verification.

File Retention Policies:

Set policies for data destruction when data is no longer needed on servers.

Easily Recover Data:

Recover data anywhere and at any time to comply with regulatory requirements.

Multi Failed Sign On Alerts:

Detect potential breaches early with alerts for repetitive failed sign-on attempts.

Limit Access to Specific IP:

Restrict cloud data access to specific IP addresses for added security.

Eliminate Data Breaches:

Ensure data remains safe across all endpoint devices.


Data is encrypted both in-flight and at rest.


Comprehensive Logging:

Track all backups, restores, searches, views, and deletions by timestamp and user.

User Management Tracking:

Monitor activities like creating, suspending, activating, and deleting users.

User Access Tracking:

Keep track of user login times, file accesses, search activities, downloads, video views, file shares, and deletions.

Device Activity:

Monitor devices added for backup, restore activities, backup pausing/resuming, last backup date, storage alerts, and device suspension, deletion, or archiving.

Administrator Activity:

Log new policies, policy deletions, assignments, system settings changes, and new administrator additions.


Geo-Locate Devices:

Gain visibility on endpoint devices to identify and report location information.


Efficient Investigations: Conduct quick investigations on data locations in case of breach to boost productivity and search efficiency.

File Retention Policies:

Smart Filter: Discover, understand, and use data sources effectively. Index all file metadata in Polarbackup cloud to enhance search and discovery. Identify personal data sources across devices and databases.