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What is Polarprivacy Shield?

Polarprivacy Shield offers a top notch cybersecurity with VPN encryption, ad blocking, phishing prevention, and data protection.

Polarprivacy Shield at a Glance

Erase Your Digital Footprints

Ensure your online activities leave no trace, both on the web and your device.

Shield Against Online Scams

Block phishing attempts and identity theft, stopping hackers and fraudsters effectively.

Secure Your Personal Data

Rest easy knowing your PC is protected from unauthorized access and intruders.

Block Advertiser Tracking

Automatically remove cookies placed by advertisers to track your online behavior

Choose Your Perfect Plan for Complete Protection

Polarprivacy Shield – 1 Device

Ideal for protecting your personal or office computer

Save $9.99/year

Premium Access to All Features

Polarprivacy Shield 3 Devices

Perfect for families, small offices, or multiple personal devices

Save $91.99/year

Premium Access to All Features

30-Day Guarantee

All our customers have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Don’t like our service during the first 30 days? We’ll give you your money back.

Secure Payment

All orders are through our ultra-secure payment provider 2Checkout. Your account information will never be shared with any third-party. We respect your privacy and are fully GDPR compliant.

Why Polarprivacy Shield?

This is how Polarprivacy Shield keeps your digital self protected

Your web activity and personal data are constantly tracked by third parties. Protect your information from cyber threats with the powerful Polarprivacy Shield software.

Enjoy fast, secure browsing with our VPN. With over 20 global connections, shop, stream, and surf on your terms. Turn on the VPN for uninterrupted downloads, site access, and video streaming anytime.

Ensure your email and passwords are secure by searching for exposure on the dark web. Polarprivacy Shield scans for compromised data in breaches, alerting you if your credentials are at risk. Stay protected and informed with real-time updates.
Polarprivacy Shield scans your device for saved usernames and passwords. You can remove them, encrypt them in a secure password vault, and manually add and encrypt passwords for enhanced protection.
Polarprivacy Shield safeguards you from identity theft by location where your phone number, email, physical address, and credit card details are stored on your computer. This helps you manage and secure your sensitive information effectively.
Polarprivacy Shield’s Tracking Blocker lets you block browser tracking and delete your browsing history effortlessly. Safeguard your online privacy by preventing websites from monitoring your activity and keeping your browsing data private.
Polarprivacy Shield ensures your privacy by blocking untrusted websites from accessing your camera and microphone. Safeguard your personal space and prevent unauthorized spying with robust protection for your devices’s audio and video inputs.
Polarprivacy Shield’s Ad Blocker enhances your browsing experience by blocking intrusive ads and pop-ups. Enjoy faster load times, reduced clutter, and a more private online experience with seamless ad blocking on all your favorite websites.
Experience safe web browsing with Polarprivacy Shield Chrome Extension. It blocks trackers, ads, and protects your privacy, ensuring a secure and seamless online experience.