Introducing AI Adaptive Storage for Home / Business Users

Experience the most innovative and affordable cloud backup solution with Polar Backup’s AI Adaptive Storage. Secure, smart, and user-friendly cloud backup solutions.

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Protect Your Data with Ease

Polarbackup offers everything you need for secure cloud backup. Safeguard your data effortlessly, access it anywhere, and enjoy peace of mind. Save time, reduce costs, and keep your files safe.

Smart Storage

Ultimate AI Adaptive Storage: All-in-One Solution

Polarbackup's AI Adaptive Storage Technology optimizes your data storage needs with intelligent management.

  • Hot Storage: Instantly access your frequently used data.
  • Adaptive Storage: Restore your data intelligently, from minutes to hours.
  • Local Storage: Keep local copies of your data for quick access.
Top Tier Security

Military Grade Security

Protect your data with 256-bit AES encryption. Polarbackup ensures your files are safeguarded with top-tier military-grade security.


Cutting-Edge Technology

Experience top-tier performance with Polarbackup's advanced AWS cloud storage. Enjoy seamless, high-quality performance and unmatched reliability.

How it works

Easy Setup, Total Protection

Start securing your data with a few simple steps. Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive protection.

Why Polarbackup?

Streamlined Cloud Backup for Home and Business

Polarbackup offers secure, reliable, and easy-to-use cloud backup solutions for both home and business users.

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Backup & Restore

Recover Your Data Swiftly and Easily

Seamlessly back up and restore your data. Enjoy quick recovery and continuous protection for all your files.

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Anytime, & Anywhere

Access Your Data Through Web and Mobile

Integrate your data with our web and mobile access. Instantly search, restore, and handle files with flexible tools.

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Set & Forget

Customize Your Backup Schedule

Select from various backup modes, including turbo and smart, to fit your needs.

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Advanced Management

Organize Files With Smart Filters

Filter your files by type, size, or date with advanced tools. Benefit from smart rename detection for seamless organization.

Our Solutions

Find the Perfect Cloud Backup Solution

Whether you're a home user or a growing enterprise, Polarbackup offers tailored cloud backup solutions to meet your needs.

Polarbackup Home

Cloud Backup for Personal Use

$ 4.99 /month
  • Starts from 2.25TB and FREE Local Backup
  • Unlimited Backups for Archived Devices
  • Fast Backup & Restore Speed
  • 24/7 Premium Support
Polarbackup Business

Cloud Backup for Business

$ 16.99 /month
  • Starts from 2.5TB and FREE Local Backup
  • Unlimited Users, Servers, and External Drives
  • Fast Backup & Restore Speed
  • 24/7 Premium Support
Polarprivacy Shield

Cybersecurity Software

$ 49.99 /year
  • Encrypt login credentials
  • VPN-encrypted internet connection
  • Blocks ads, tracking cookies, and dangerous websites
  • Defends webcams & microphones from hacking
  • Chrome Extension for private web browsing.
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